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HS Brands Global’s Covid-audit site is dedicated to providing global resources, and information to assist in the safe re-opening of various businesses.

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Global Survey Results

5600 people across the globe were surveyed to gain insights on their views of the post-covid economy.

Reopening Guidance

With relaxations of stay-at-home orders and phased reopening’s of various businesses, companies now face the arduous challenge of being good stewards of the public health and safety.


A return to normal is highly dependent on the implementation of best-practices and verification that these practices are properly executed. A secondary challenge is shifting through the flow of information being provided from various state and federal agencies.


To assist, HS Brands Global is building a helpful repository of information and guidance.

Global Guides for Reopening Practices

The Latest Global 

Confirmed Cases

Re-Opening Inspections – Are You Ready?

If you operate a national, regional or global business, you face the arduous challenge of creating, executing, and verifying up-to-date information. Success requires you to implement audits specific to each states or countries recommendations and requirements, have the objective resources to conduct the inspections, and have an easy-to-use repository for all the information.


HS Brands can assist you in conquering these challenges. We can do the heavy work of ensuring your audit fulfills the requirements, we can offer the human resources to conduct large-scale global inspections, and we have the smart software to house, distribute and analyze the results.


Check out our services page here or contact us directly for more information on creating and executing Covid Audits and Inspections.

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